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Published on February 04, 2020

Doctor's Orders: Well Visits

Doctor's Orders: Well Visits

Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Lopez, Medical Director for Children’s Primary Care Center

One of the best ways to make sure your child is showing healthy growth and development is to schedule regular well visits with their primary care provider. These visits allow pediatricians to track trends and are the best way to safeguard your child against early childhood illnesses.

What can I expect at my child’s next checkup?

  1. Your child’s growth, weight, height and weight to height ratio or body mass index (BMI) will be checked and compared with growth charts.
  2. Blood pressure, heart rate, vision and hearing will be assessed.
  3. An extensive physical exam to listen to the heart, lungs and belly; this also includes evaluation of speech and language development.
  4. Update on any immunizations your child may need to protect them against childhood illnesses.
  5. Tests may be ordered to examine your child’s risk for exposure to harmful environments.
  6. Guidance will be given to prevent injury, illness and promote proper development.

It is important that your child receives a well check each year. Pediatricians will examine different things each year based on your child’s age. For age specific checkups, read the KidsHealth articles on our website.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has 13 practices throughout the area staffed with doctors and nurses specializing in pediatric care. Find a location near you to schedule a well visit or physical for your child.

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