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  • Matt Schaefer 
  • Joe Childs, M.D.
    Vice President of Medical Services/Chief Medical Officer
  • Caryn Hawthorne
    Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer
  • Ron Phillips
    Vice President for Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer
  • Carlton M. Long
    Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Rob Bauer 
    Vice President of Human Resources
  • Kelly Deraney
    Vice President of Ambulatory Services
  • Steven Godbold
    Vice President of Operations/Chief Operating Officer
  • Cathy Shuck
    Vice President of Legal Services/General Counsel

Medical Staff

  • W. Glaze Vaughan, M.D.
    Chief of Staff
  • Julia Arana, M.D.
    Vice Chief of Staff
  • Rick Glover, M.D. 
  • Frankie Crain-Ruf, M.D.
    Chief of Medicine
  • Jay Crawford, M.D.
    Chief of Surgery  

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