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Family Advisory Council Nomination Form

We need your help. We are looking for some energetic and hard working parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles of children who have either used our hospital’s services or who might use them in the future.

Our Family Advisory Council has been in place since May 2008 and has been active in helping us form poli-cies, improve services and make an impact on the work we do at our hospital. The council has responded to hospital  department requests for assistance, has provided input on facility planning and development and serves as oversight for other family committees and councils. The council’s by-laws provide opportunities for fresh ideas through member rotation, and it is time for new nominations. You work with our families every day. You know the ones that have great ideas, are willing to speak out, or should be included to make our council as diverse as possible, and when we include families in the work we do with children, we all win.

Fill out the form below by May 1. We will make selections by June 30. If you have any questions, call Mary Pegler at 865-541-8909.

Help us find the right people.

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