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2019-2020 Annual Report - November

Abundance of thanks

The Prestons
The Prestons

When Melanie Preston goes to count her blessings, she counts her beautiful family, 2 complex diagnoses, and 1 Children’s Hospital.

As a mother of five children – two with special needs – Melanie’s family has touched nearly every department at Children’s Hospital.

Their journey with our facility began with her son Elliot, who was born with Downs Syndrome. The five-year-old has seen Children’s Hospital specialists since he was just weeks old. Despite the limitations that come with his condition, Elliot is an and active and imaginative five-year-old.

Three years ago, Melanie and her husband welcomed twin girls Harper and Emory. Emory was diagnosed with spina bifida before birth, and although her twin Harper does not carry the same condition, she has issues with her airway that require frequent trips to Children’s Hospital Emergency Department. In fact, three-year-old Harper has had the most overnight stays at Children’s Hospital than any of her siblings.

“Children’s Hospital has been an invaluable resource to our family,” says Melanie. “With Emory, and especially with Harper, we are so thankful to be just a short drive from the doctors who know them best.”

Melanie’s time with her children in and out of the hospital has inspired her to further her career in nursing. The Prestons have recently become ambassadors for Children’s Hospital, to help spread awareness for people living with Downs Syndrome and special needs.

“I am so thankful for everyone at Children’s Hospital. They have gone above and beyond to care for all of our children.”

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