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2019-2020 Annual Report - May


As a sickle cell patient, Bryan, age 15, is very familiar with Children's Hospital's Emergency Department.

As a sickle cell patient, Bryan, age 15, is very familiar with Children's Hospital's Emergency Department. "We've had some of our worst days here," says Bryan's mom, "but East Tennessee Children's Hospital has lightened the load."

When nurse Jennifer Wyrick imagines a safe place for kids struggling with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues, she can now picture the emergency department at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

The new behavioral health wing in the emergency department will be one of the phases of the multi-million-dollar, multi-year investment Children’s Hospital has made in renovating and expanding its emergency services. Thanks to a generous $5 million dollar gift from the Haslam family, we broke ground on this project in late 2019. In fiscal year 2020, nearly 51,000 patients were treated in the emergency department. With the expansion, we will be able to serve even more critically ill children.

“The most important thing with my patients,” says Wyrick, “is that they maintain their dignity. Every family deserves respect and autonomy during a crisis.”

The new rooms in the emergency department – including those coming to the behavioral health area – provide privacy and separate patient and staff entrances. These separate doors are crucial for staff to quickly check on their critical patients, without disrupting other patients’ care. And they were just one design suggested by frontline nurses during the construction planning process.

Nurses like Jennifer, staff and physicians have contributed to the look and feel of the new emergency department layout. Children’s Hospital engineers realized the value in feedback from caregivers, and have incorporated their recommendations into the plans.

Construction and renovation of the new emergency department will continue into 2021. Over the past year, Children’s Hospital was able to complete several other renovations and improvements across campus. Thanks to generous donor funding, Children’s Hospital was also able to fully renovate its Pulmonology and Respiratory Care department, its phlebotomy lab, its sleep medicine lab, and a new chapel in 2020.

Clinical Stats 2020

Breathing treatments 123,181
Chemotherapy treatments 2,909
CT Scans 5,200
Electrocardiograms 4,931
Lab tests 350,801
MRIs 3,600
Sleep studies 1,212
Transports 966
Ultrasounds 7,668
X-rays 38,283

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