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Snapshot of Services

Because children are special, they deserve the best possible health care given in a positive, family-centered atmosphere of friendliness, cooperation, and support. From toys and dogs to interpreters and nutrition coaching, Children’s Hospital is more than a building. It is the people and the connections they make to build a healthier East Tennessee.

Child Life

  • Visits with patients by Child Life specialists
  • Sessions of support, coping and distraction for procedures
  • Family and sibling supportive interactions

Social Work

  • Families served by Social Work .
  • Families helped by Interpretive Services
  • Languages interpreted


Legal Aid

  • Families referred to free legal aid*
*Free onsite legal services provided by the Child Health Law Partnership, in partnership with Legal Aid of East Tennessee, and with generous funding from Trinity Health Foundation.

Facility Dog

Farley is Children’s Hospital’s only four-legged employee. Thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities and the Children’s Hospital Volunteers, Farley is able to work fulltime as a facility dog, bringing comfort and support to her coworkers. In 2018, Farley became a certified Human Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT) dog, so she can also serve as a backup to our HABIT partners if they are not able to visit with a patient.

  • Staff handlers
17 Facility dog Farleywith ER Tech Elissa in theEmergency Department
Facility dog Farley with ER Tech Elissa in the Emergency Department
  • Hours served per week
  • Service commands learned
  • Staff visits
more than 60 departments,
offsite locations, and specialty clinics
  • Peer support offered
Emergency Department, Surgery,
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit