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Gross revenue for 2017-2018 $461,973,140
Cost to operate Children’s Hospital
  • Per day
  • Per year

Payer Mix

Payer Mix


Number of donors 5,562 5-year-old Novadonated $376,and became Children’sHospital’s youngest donorby selling produce at herparent’s farmer’s marketin Loudon, Tenn.
5-year-old Nova donated $376, and became Children’s Hospital’s youngest donor by selling produce at her parent’s farmer’s market in Loudon, Tenn.
Total given (including capital campaign) $7,240,555
Capital campaign . $1,625,304
Other annual gifts $5,615,250

Sources of Gifts

Individuals $1,215,985
Corporations $4,141,855
Foundations $964,322
Organizations $630,853
Estates •$209,164
Government $21,783
Miscellaneous $56,593