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Changes to Our Family

Children’s Hospital is more than a hospital – it’s a family. Over the last year, we celebrated the retirements and decades-long careers of several physicians who impacted the lives of thousands of children in our community. We also said some final goodbyes to family members who leave a lasting legacy on our hospital, and we are excited to have welcomed seven new physicians to the family.


Jeff Jennings, MD Jeffrey Jennings, M.D.

1983 - 2018
Dr. Jennings joined Children’s Hospital in 1983, following his fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Duke University Medical Center. In his 35 years at
Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jennings brought advanced interventional pediatric cardiac procedures to the region, such as balloon valvuloplasty and septal defect closures. He also held numerous staff positions within his time at Children’s Hospital, including Chief of Staff and Chief of Department of Medicine, and served on the Board of Directors for 15 years with several years as Vice Chairman.
John Rogers, MD John Rogers, M.D.

1993 – 2018
As physician at Children’s Hospital since 1993, Dr. Rogers directed the cystic fibrosis clinic and led it to be established as a center. Dr. Rogers was also the director of the Respiratory Care Department and Pulmonary Function Testing Lab for 25 years. His influence extended even further when he developed outreach clinics throughout Tennessee, establishing them in Kingsport, Morristown, Blountville, and Harrogate.
David Nickels, MD David Nickels, M.D.

1995 - 2017
After joining the Children’s Hospital team in 1995, Dr. Nickels started the hospital’s pediatric endocrinology practice and served as its director until June of 2017. Under his leadership, the practice grew to include five pediatric endocrinologists and two nurse practitioners. In his 22 years at Children’s Hospital, Dr. Nickels served on numerous boards and committees and held various positions, including Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Chair of the Ethics Committee and Institutional Review Board.
Lazlo Hopp, MD Lazlo Hopp, M.D.

2009 - 2018
After emigrating from Hungary to the U.S. in the 1980’s, Dr. Hopp joined the Children’s Hospital nephrology department in 2009. In addition to being a pediatric nephrologist, Dr. Hopp also has a published novel, Life in the Barracks, about a Hungarian physician who finds himself in a military camp. As of 2018, Dr. Hopp also has a new book in publication: Reason and Unreason in Western Philosophy: The Struggle of Certainty Against Uncertainty Through History: A Layman’s Notes on Philosophy. In retirement, Dr. Hopp is moving back to Budapest, Hungary, with his wife and son.
Jim Kimball, M.D.
Boys and Girls Pediatrics
1982 – 2018

Dr. Kimball retired this year after 43 years as a physician. He came to Children’s Hospital in 1982 after working as an assistant professor in pediatric hematology-oncology at Bowman Grey School of Medicine. Hired under then-president Bob Koppel as an independent contractor,
Dr. Kimball joined Boys and Girls Pediatrics in Knoxville as a full partner in 1987. The practice has been affiliated with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for more than 33 years.
Charles Machen, M.D.
Pediatric Clinic

1998 – 2018
As an adolescent medicine specialist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Dr. Machen retires after more than 40 years of experience in pediatrics. Originally from Louisiana, he made his mark at Children’s Hospital by operating the adolescent medical clinic. He was also a general pediatrician with the Pediatric Clinic in Knoxville for 19 years, spanning from 1998 to 2017.

In Memory

John Maddox, Jr., MD John Maddox, Jr., M.D.
1935 – 2018

Dr. Maddox was the first pediatric specialist at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, and practiced pediatric surgery at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for almost forty years. During his tenure he served as Chief of Surgery, Chief of Staff, and as a member of the Board of Trustees until 1999. His impact on the community and the development of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is immeasurable. Upon his retirement in 2003, Children’s Hospital named a wing of its operating facilities after him in honorarium.
Drew Perkerson, Pharm.D. Drew Perkerson, Pharm.D.
1981 – 2018

Drew came to Children’s Hospital in 2005. As a health unit coordinator, he attended to patients and their families after surgery for more than 14 years. Last year, Drew received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree and joined the Children’s Hospital Pharmacy. His sense of humor and outgoing personality brought joy to his patients, coworkers and friends.


Mari Afanador Eason, M.D. Mari Afanador Eaton, M.D.

Dr. Eaton came to Children’s Hospital after completing a fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern and a residency in pediatrics at University of South Florida College of Medicine.
Bryan J. Eriksen, M.D. Bryan J. Eriksen, M.D.

Dr. Eriksen joined Children’s Hospital’s neonatology team after completing a fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine at Augusta University in Georgia and a residency in pediatrics at Greenville Hospital System in South Carolina.
David E. Hill, M.D. David E. Hill, M.D.

Dr. Hill came to Children’s Hospital last fall after completing his fellowship in pediatric urology at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. and a residency in urology at University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis. Dr. Hill served an additional residency and internship in general surgery at Parkland Medical Hospital in Dallas, and was an observer in pediatric urology at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England.
Rhys W. Irvine, M.D. Rhys W. Irvine, M.D.

Dr. Irvine came to Children’s Hospital last year after completing his fellowship in pediatric urology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis and a residency in urology at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio.
Diana Quintero, M.D. Diana Quintero, M.D.

Dr. Quintero joined Children’s Hospital’s pediatric pulmonology and respiratory care department last year, after completing her fellowship in pediatric pulmonology at Baylor Medicine in Houston and a residency in pediatrics at University of Illinois at Chicago.
Marielisa Rincon, M.D., M.Ed. Marielisa Rincon, M.D., M.Ed.

Dr. Rincon came to Children’s Hospital Endocrinology department last fall. Dr. Rincon completed her fellowship in pediatric endocrinology at Children’s Hospital of Montefiore in New York and a residency in pediatrics at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York.
Cassandra Susman, M.D. Cassandra Susman, M.D.
Pediatric Hospitalist Services

Dr. Susman became a hospitalist at Children’s Hospital after completing a residency in pediatrics at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.