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Pediatric Psychology

East Tennessee Pediatric Psychology

Child Psychologists

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s pediatric psychologists specialize in treating emotional and behavioral problems in children through psychological consultations, assessments, testing, and therapy. As part of the hospital staff, our psychologists also lend their aid to a patient’s friends and loved ones who are coping with difficult medical issues.

To contact the pediatric psychology department, please call (865) 541-8805

In pediatric psychology, therapists work one-on-one with patients to help them learn new ways to communicate and interact with people. Children with diagnosed behavioral or emotional problems can be difficult to talk to or have a serious illness or pain. Our team has extensive training dealing with children like this and know of various ways of reaching out to them to get a dialogue going.

A New Way of Understanding Children

Children are still learning how to express themselves to the world, which can make it difficult figuring out exactly what it is they’re trying to say. Mental health is becoming more and more of a visible concern in the United States. With so much information out there, it can be difficult to tell if a child has emotional difficulties, or is just dealing with typical childhood issues.

You child may benefit from pediatric psychology if they display any of the following behaviors:

  • Constant aggression and defiance to even the smallest suggestion
  • Their behavior regularly warrants disciplinary action in school
  • The child rarely speaks, even when alone with people they trust
  • Babies that rarely show emotion in response to their environment
  • Children that participate in self-abuse: hitting their head, punching the walls, etc.

No one wants their child to be mislabeled with a behavioral disorder, and a misdiagnosis could be a major hang-up in the child’s ability to grow. At East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, we leave no stone unturned when diagnosing these conditions. Our knowledgeable experts expend tremendous energy researching the child’s history and spending time with them to fully understand their situation before rendering any diagnoses. You and your child deserve to know exactly what’s going on with them before any strategic treatment begins.

Care & Attention for Patients & Families

Our goal is to help both patients and their families. Family involvement in child psychology is strongly encouraged so that both the child and their loved ones can learn new ways to communicate with each other and achieve a happier home life.

Additionally, our psychologists are available to help parents and loved ones cope when their child is going through a difficult medical situation. While these situations can be traumatic and stressful, speaking with a pediatric hospital psychologist, who witnesses these kinds of issues every day, can be a major source of comfort. We are happy to help you in whatever way we can.

To contact the pediatric psychology department, please call (865) 541-8805.