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Legal Services for Families

Free legal services are now available to patients and families treated at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. If you need legal advice, help with legal documents, or full representation in a courtroom, an attorney is here to help. And their services are absolutely free.

Contact attorney Alex Brinson today by dialing 2145 from any hospital phone, or email

With years of experience helping families with a variety of legal needs, including fair housing, evictions, food stamps, TennCare, special education needs, power of attorney, and much more, the philosophy of our Legal Services department is “Everyone should have access to justice, and money shouldn’t be a determining factor in whether you live a healthy life.”

Thanks to a grant from Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee, we are able to offer our patients and families these legal services at no cost. Children’s Hospital is excited to partner with Legal Aid of East Tennessee to provide attorneys and offer these services to their patients. We are happy to provide this service because sometimes good health can be as much about legal issues as medical ones.

Receive FREE legal help with:

  • Housing issues
  • Education resources
  • Benefits
  • Family law
  • Any other legal or societal issues that have an effect on a child’s health