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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Kids don't always have an easy time talking about their medical issues. When your child comes to you telling you they’re in pain, you’ll undoubtedly want to help as soon as possible. Unfortunately, getting more details than “it hurts” can sometimes be difficult. East Tennessee Children's Hospital has provided parenting resources to help you find the answers you need.

Kids Health Encyclopedia

Symptom Checker

Kids Health Encylopedia Symptom Checker
We frequently update our site with Kids Health articles, offering you an extra resource with tips on how to keep kids happy and healthy. Remember, the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital team is always ready to help when your child is in need of quality medical care. We know that you cannot always afford to drop everything and rush to a medical center every time your child has a minor health issue. That’s why we have the Online Symptom Checker - a convenient resource that can give you an idea of what condition your child might be dealing with.