Children's Hospital NICU launches "Kangaroo-a-thon" to promote Kangaroo Care

"Kangaroo Care" encourages parents and babies to hold infants for skin-to-skin contact.This May, our NICU families are encouraged to participate in a Kangaroo-a-Thon contest promoting the benefits of Kangaroo Care. Kangaroo Care encourages families to hold their infants with skin-to-skin contact. Named after baby kangaroos that are carried in their mother’s pouch, infants are held on their parent’s chest to promote growth, feeding, vital signs and bonding.

Studies have shown Kangaroo Care helps infants:

  • Lessen stress and crying
  • Improve brain growth
  • Improve parent-baby bonding
  • Prepare to breastfeed sooner
  • Increase and enhance breastfeeding
  • Improve weight gain.

Since skin-to-skin contact benefits all newborns, all families are encouraged to participate in Kangaroo Care using the same methods we use in our NICU. Our experts make these recommendations when practicing skin-to-skin contact at home:

  • Sit in a dark and quiet room
  • Keep the baby in a diaper
  • Place the baby on your bare chest
  • Place a blanket on the back of the baby
  • Make sure the baby’s face can be seen and is uncovered