Our Latest Daisy Award Winner is Leah Adcock, RN

Leah Adcock, RN - ED, April 2019 Daisy Award WinnerCongratulations to DAISY Award winner Leah Adcock.

Leah is an RN in the ED.

"On April 15th, I had to bring my daughter to Children's ER. This was my first visit ever to Children's, and I was very impressed. My daughter had to have blood drawn and have an IV. She was scared to death, as she hates both needles and blood. When Leah came in to draw blood/start the IV, my daughter was ready to leave. Leah was awesome with her. She took her through every step of the process and what to expect. She didn't rush her. About the time that Leah went to start, my daughter said to wait just a minute as she needed to say a quick prayer. Leah said that would be fine, and asked if she wanted her to pray with her. Naturally, my daughter said yes. After prayers were said, Leah started the IV and drew her blood samples. My daughter didn't cry one bit. She was very calm about it all. I was so touched by this amazing nurse for all that she did and what she said before, during, and after. Leah definitely deserves to be recognized with a Daisy Award!"

Nominated by a patient family