Rusty Miller wins Sunflower Award for June

Congratulations to our Sunflower Award winner for June

Sunflower Award winner Rusty MillerThe Sunflower Award winner for June 2019 is Rusty Miller. Rusty is a transport tech for Neonatal Transport.

"Rusty is just approaching his first year as a Transport Tech at ETCH. During this year, he has made a great impact not only in the unit with organization and streamlining processes but also in the field.

He has helped to create an improved system with our transport paperwork and folders. When on transport, he demonstrates great interest in learning new tasks. He is eager to assist with patient care and anticipates the needs of other members of the transport team.

For example, when trying to implement the golden hour process for our tiny baby, transports every minute matters. Having Rusty there, he anticipates the next step and has supplies readily available. The help he provides influences the outcomes of these fragile patients. Rusty is very meticulous about details and delivers work and documentation at the highest level of accuracy and precision.

While not on transport, Rusty is readily available to help with any tasks as needed. He can be seen answering phones and doors, assisting with procedures, restocking supplies or holding babies. An important part of every transport is having all the supplies that you need and Rusty is always reliable to make sure all boxes and isolettes are properly stocked and maintained.

Rusty is always going above and beyond to ensure that our transport team is safe and efficient. I am so grateful to work with him and have him as a key member of our transport team."

- submitted by Nikki Parton, R.N., NICU