Children's Hospital Unveils New Lifeline Ambulance

Lifeline AmbulanceThanks to generous community donations, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has purchased a new Lifeline ambulance. The $264,000 custom-made neonatal/pediatric transport vehicle is equipped like a mobile intensive care unit to respond to hospitals in surrounding counties. Children’s Hospital is the only hospital within a hundred miles of Knoxville to have an ambulance of this caliber. More than half the money needed to purchase Lifeline was raised from the WIVK/WOKI Radiothon.

Lifeline transports the smallest babies to teenagers and young adults. The mobile intensive care unit carries equipment to treat all ages and all sizes. Lifeline is called for more than 400 transports and travels more than 40-thousand miles each year. This mobile intensive care unit travels to 25 hospitals throughout East Tennessee, as well as making longer trips to hospitals in Kentucky and Nashville.

The Lifeline team is highly skilled and ready to respond at any given time. The team consists of an EMT/paramedic as the driver. In the back, there is always a specially trained transport nurse and a respiratory therapist. Depending on the severity of the patient, doctors, nurse practitioners and more nurses may join the team. Once a child is on board Lifeline, pediatric experts beginning providing the same intensive care the patient would receive in a hospital setting.

Lifeline AmbulanceThe new ambulance replaces a 2000 model which has racked up nearly 305,000 miles. For more information, visit