East Tennessee Children's Hospital Named One of the Healthiest Companies in America

Fannie Turner, scheduling secretary for Children's Hospital Rehab CenterEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital has been named one of the healthiest companies in America by Interactive Health for the sixth year in a row.

This accomplishment is the result of a nearly decade-long employee health initiative established by Director of Employee Health and Wellness Tom Jackson, N.P. and the dedication of the employees who participate. The data-driven program gives employees accountability for their own health, utilizing annual health screenings and creating and tracking individual health goals for employees.

The annual screening, run in partnership with Interactive Health, gives employees a better understanding of their own health and encourages them to prioritize their wellness. Fannie Turner (right), scheduling secretary at Children’s Rehab Center, credits the screening with giving her more information about her health.

“As a result of my screenings, I found out I was at risk for sleep apnea,” says Turner. “Now, I am under the care of the sleep center at UT and have addressed my issues.”

The program has encouraged employees to care for their own health, and the results are positive. Of the 1,666 employees who participated in 2017, 1,001 of them reached their personal health goals established by the program.

With this continued success, the program looks to retain this staff engagement, encouraging employees to account and care for not only patient wellbeing, but their own health as well.

Below is a picture of Tom Jackson and the Employee Health team:

Tom Jackson, N.P. and the Employee Health team