West Knoxville Pediatrics

West Knoxville Pediatrics

224 S Peters Rd #105
Knoxville, TN 37923
Hours 8am-5pm (M-F)
About: West Knox Pediatrics specializes in the care of children from birth through adolescence and is affiliated with East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Our Services
West Knox Pediatrics offers treatment of illnesses, well exams, sports physicals and immunizations. Our diagnostic and lab services include complete blood count, urinary analysis, sleep throat test, mono screen, flu, RSV and Mycoplasma. Less common labs are drawn and sent to East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Insurance Information
All insurance plans are accepted. Please verify coverage with your insurance carrier prior to your first visit.

Patient Registration and Privacy Notice
Download and fill out our patient registration, privacy form and consent form prior to your visit.

  • TSSAA Sports Physical Form
    If your child will be participating in sports or athletics and will need a sports physical, please download and fill out this form for the TSSAA.