A Tradition of Giving

How Your Donations Are Used

In 2014, children in East Tennessee and surrounding states made more than 142,000 visits to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for a variety of health care concerns from minor to major and illnesses to injuries. More than 66,000 of those visits were to the Emergency Department. Because of donors like you, these vulnerable children had access to lifesaving treatments, tests and expert pediatric care.

The hospital would not be able to provide this care and necessary equipment without the generous support of people like you in the East Tennessee community who support Children's through fundraising events such as the Fantasy of Trees.

Several of the ways your donations and support have made a difference are listed on our Use of Funds page.

Take a look at how Fantasy of Trees has grown and impacted the East Tennessee community from 1985 compared to 2016:

Attendance: then 13,125 to now 60,794
Net Proceeds: then $13,843 to now $426,389
Volunteer Hours: then 12,000 to now 187,860
Designer Items​: then 60 to now 300+

Totals over 32 Years:

Total Attendance: 1,541,501
Total Volunteer Hours: 3,422,202
Total Net Proceeds: $7,842,412

Donations Through The Years

Funds from the first four years were designated for various medical equipment needs throughout the hospital. In 1989, Fantasy of Trees organizers began to designate proceeds to fund specific areas of the hospital each year:

1989 - Surgery Department
1990 - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
1991 - General Medical Equipment
1992 - Ultrasound Unit for Radiology
1993 - Ambulatory Care Center
1994 - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Surgery Department
1995 - Post-Anesthesia Care Unit and Surgery Department
1996 - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
1997 - Home Health Care and Respiratory Care Department
1998 - Anesthesiology and Laboratory
1999 - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
2000 - Cardiac Echo Units for Radiology
2001 - Surgery Department
2002 - Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units
2003 - Children's Hospital Rehabilitation Center
2004 - Open Door Endowment Fund
2005 - Baxter Syringe Pumps, NICU monitors, electroencephalographs and an EEG Review System
2006 - Equipment for two new surgery suites
2007 - IntelliVue MP50 Bedside Monitors
2008 - Equipment for Inpatient, Surgery and Radiology Departments
2009 - Two nuclear medicine cameras for Radiology
2010 - Equipment for the Laboratory and the Children's Sleep Medicine Center
2011 - Equipment for MRI in Radiology, Lifeline Transport Service and Pharmacy Department
2012 - Equipment for Surgery
2013 - Pharmacy equipment
2014 - Opmi Pentero Neuro Surgical Microscope
2015 - Equipment for Emergency Department
2016 - Anesthesia equipment
2017 - Surgical equipment