Injury Prevention

Injury PreventionOver the past three years, the injury prevention program at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has grown from 29 community partners to over 70 partnering agencies. These additional partnerships have lead to a substantial increase in the number of families that are served through various injury prevention programs.

The overall design of the partnerships has evolved to allow partners to host events and provide community education customized to the needs in their own communities. Flexibility in programming has also increased the number of partnering smaller agencies who now have an opportunity to participate in injury prevention programs such as child passenger safety and bike safety.

These partnerships have also allowed us to reduce the cost of car seats by 40% in three years -- even in the face of increased demand. With this cost savings, we are able to reach more families and communities, including hosting walk-in appointments for child passenger, bike, water and sleep safety. We were able to increase the number of child passenger safety technicians we can certify by 38%.

Our network of safety experts continues to grow and to provide the most current and life saving information possible to keep our children safe.

Bike Helmet Safety