Allergies & Asthma

Allergies and AsthmaChildren with asthma have always struggled with seasonal allergies in our area. Knoxville has been ranked as one of the most difficult cities in the state to live with asthma.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is committed to leading the way in excellent pediatric asthma care, and in 2015 we convened a group of key stakeholders to determine an action plan for asthma excellence.

Over the past three years, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has launched two innovative programs to help this patient population.

Asthma Collaborative

By teaming up with state and local partners, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has seen:

  • Decreased readmissions - statewide, in collaboration with other children’s hospitals
  • Improved follow-up care - two specially-certified staff members assigned to identify gaps in knowledge, concerns, and ease-of-access
  • Innovative technology - partnered with University of Tennessee to trial an app which improves self-management of asthma
  • Improved environmental concerns - by offering free legal aid to all patients and families, we can ensure that patients are awarded safe, equal housing

Breathe Easy Asthma Screenings

Over the past five years, the Breathe Easy Program has provided free asthma screenings, assessments, and asthma education to low socioeconomic, high-risk areas in our service area.

Screenings are provided for children 5 years and older. We have seen improved success by partnering with local school districts and community organizations to conduct screenings during school hours.

In 2018, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Breathe Easy Program successfully completed nine independent events, reaching a total of 536 children and adults.