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Letter from the CEO

Letter From The CEO

Keith Goodwin, President and CEO of East Tennessee Children's HospitalOn any given day at Children’s Hospital, you can see a newborn determined to take each breath, a cancer patient determined to make it through another chemo treatment, or a teenager determined to walk again after an injury. It’s how you describe their medical teams as they fight alongside their patients to provide the best care for them. Determined is also a word I use to describe their parents as they will do anything to make their child well.

Children’s Hospital is determined to prevent illness and injury. We are determined to address the health needs of our community. The ability to heal and make healthy doesn’t come just from our hospital. We believe our care far exceeds our hospital and our facilities. We take health care into the communities we serve, we meet families where they want to receive information, we teach children in schools and we are close to their homes.

It is about making sure the next generation of community’s children is as healthy as they can be. The process of conducting our 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment has helped us to refine our understanding of the population we serve. It also allows us to deepen partnerships that allow us to maximize our ability to align resources in a way that helps foster healthier environments for our children to grow in.

The 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment is a compilation of months of research including key informant interviews, focus groups, surveys and qualitative data. We use this information to identify the most important health concerns of those we serve and to develop a strategy to continue to make a productive impact.

Every action adds up. We look forward to our next steps in our strategic plan, in partnership with others, and we are confident that his collaboration will help keep our priorities where they are most effective.

Thank you to our community partners, hospital administration, board members, staff and physicians for their continued input and support so important to our mission.

Keith D. Goodwin
President & CEO

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