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Mental and Behavioral Health

Mental & Behavioral Health

IMPLEMENTATION GOAL: To address the gaps and shortages in the management and care of pediatric mental and behavioral health patients.
IMPLEMENTATION OBJECTIVE: Remain responsive to the health needs of our community.

Initiative 1

Improve the ability to direct children with psychiatric issues to appropriate services.

WHO IT HELPS: Children and adolescents entering the Emergency Department while experiencing a behavioral health crisis
DEPARTMENTS RESPONSIBLE: Emerencgy Services, Social Work
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Helen Ross McNabb Center and Trinity Health Foundation
ACTIONS: The hospital has partnered with the Helen Ross McNabb Center (HRMC), which received funding through the Trinity Health Foundation and the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation, to pilot a program to provide consultation psychiatric services within the emergency department. By partnering with HRMC, and having a child psychiatrist in the emergency department, hospital physicians will be able to access medication consultations from experts in psychiatry. Through the program, emergency room physicians will receive consultation services on behavioral health cases, enabling them to continue providing high quality medical treatment to all.

Initiative 2

Provide pediatricians with additional resources to help evaluate and manage the care of their pediatric patients.

WHO IT HELPS: Pediatricians
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Helen Ross McNabb Center, Trinity Health Foundation, 3rd party insurance payers, physician champions
ACTIONS: The hospital will design and prepare for implementation of behavioral health screenings, medication management and behavioral health care in pediatric practices through a 2-3 hour training session. In addition, psychiatry consultation will be
available via phone or email for subsequent assistance.