A number of specific suggestions have been offered for fostering relationships with existing community partners to help address the health issues identified so far.

Survey Feedback

“The emerging issues are exceeding traditional health issues which ties to the ‘comprehensive’ aspect of our mission—beyond simple health and wellness—to treat the child, we treat the family, in their environment, in their location.”

“Explore opportunities in legislature to sway better reimbursement. Explore new partnerships with THA, CHAT, UT School of Psychology, [and] Covenant.”

“Healthcare access in schools—improve our presence—have staff assigned to schools to support health care initiatives.”

“Partner/collaborate with behavioral health organizations/agencies.”

“NAS—train educators on how to deal/approach kids”

“I’m not sure [East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s social workers] fully understand all the programs at the health department. We can educate, but people forget and jobs change. I think when they have a specific need, they call us, but I don’t think they
recognize the huge amount of services we can offer families.”