Substance Abuse

The discussions about substance abuse were multi-faceted, and included concerns about the impact of parental substance abuse and drug use among young people. Another area of concern was the documented increase in babies who are exposed to drugs during pregnancy or who are born drug-dependant.

Additionally, several focus groups observed that the problems of mental and behavior health, obesity, and substance abuse are intertwined and should be treated by addressing the root causes.

Survey Feedback

“Opioids are an issue here… We have issues [with parents not] being able to pass the drug test to work, even in our police force. We have issues with our workforce in general being able to pass a drug test. I know there are some independent businesses who don’t give drug tests for that reason. That’s just a fact.”

“We have a lot of children being raised by grandparents or in and out of DCS custody due to opioid and drug use. We have quite a few students who have parents who are incarcerated or deceased due to drug use. It is absolutely on the rise.”

“So many of our children are locked in the addiction crisis—grandparents have custody, parents living with addiction, so children are neglected, or simply in the foster system. How could we partner to help break this cycle of addiction?”

“They’re all connected. I think the substance abuse disorders and their collective impact on all of us is something that we all need to focus on, but then the root cause of that...That’s how the community is going to solve these problems, is to address those root causes… but I think mental health and substance abuse disorders are really connected to obesity, they’re connected to each other and all of those other things.”