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Demographic Data

Demographic Data

Who We Are

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is certified by the State of Tennessee as a Comprehensive Regional Pediatric Center (CRPC). As the only free standing pediatric hospital in Tennessee, we provide comprehensive specialized pediatric medical and surgical care to all acutely ill and injured children across 16 counties and three states.

Our continued dedication to patient safety extends beyond excellent family-centered care. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital also serves as an educator and center of innovation for pediatric care in Tennessee.

As a CRPC, we meet state guidelines for the highest level of pediatric care. We share this knowledge and expertise with hospitals and emergency agencies in our service area. Our CRPC outreach coordinator and injury prevention specialists provide on-site education in areas such as pediatric advance life support (PALS) techniques, line insertion, trauma care, injury prevention and more.

Not only do we serve the health care needs of children and families, we also advocate for health care improvement on their behalf.

Outpatient Visits by State and County

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital serves patients across three states and 16 counties.

Nearly 49% of patient visits came from Knox County, but for this community health needs assessment, we will also include the following counties: Knox, Blount, Sevier, Jefferson, Anderson, Scott, Campbell, Claiborne, Morgan, Union, Grainger, Hamblen, Cocke, Monroe, Roane, and Loudon.
Outpatient Visits by State and County


Gross revenue for 2017-2018: $461,973,140
Cost to operate Children’s Hospital

  • Per day: $460,481
  • Per year: $168,075,564

Payer Mix

Patient Demographic Data

Age Distribution

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital serves children and young adults, newborn to age 21. During fiscal year 2018, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital served 82,437 children and young adults. The age group most frequently served was newborn to 3 years old (44.8%).

Race Distribution

The large majority of children served by East Tennessee Children’s Hospital during the 2018 fiscal year identified as “white” (73.8%). When compared to the greater service area population, Children’s Hospital’s non-white patients were overrepresented.

Child with stethescopeThe percentage of children living in poverty in Knox County and surrounding counties is similar or lower than Tennessee. However, the rate of childhood poverty for 9 of the remaining 11 counties in the service area exceeds the rate in Tennessee.

See Appendix F for more patient demographic stats.

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