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Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Our employees are our greatest strength at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. We couldn't affect the lives of the children in this area without the tireless dedication of our medical, support, administrative and all other employees that come to work each day. Here is how some of them feel about being part of the Children's Hospital team, in their own words..

"What does Children's Hospital mean to you?"

I was drawn here, back in the early 90’s, as a college student. I was studying nursing, and I quickly found out in our local Knoxville community, that East Tennessee Children's Hospital was the “expert” regarding all-things-children! I was further drawn in by the “family” atmosphere that was quite different than the other healthcare institutions around us, in a “corporate” arena. I loved knowing that if I overheard someone discussing a child-health-topic, it would soon be followed by, “Children’s says…” or “Children’s does…” and “We are so lucky to have them here, verses having to take our child far away to…”

- Janet