• Clayton Ailshie's Story

    Clayton Ailshie's Story

    Living With Juvenile Diabetes: Clayton's Story Clayton Ailshie has been living with Juvenile Diabetes since the age of 5, but with help from the doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital, Clayton has been able to live ...

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  • Taylor Benson's Story

    Taylor Benson's Story

    Taylor Benson: Living with Leukemia In March 2010, Taylor had very swollen lymph nodes in his neck. His pediatrician thought it was an infection and referred him to Children's Hospital. A few days before his biopsy at ...

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  • Bryan Cody's Story

    Bryan Cody's Story

    Battling Sickle Cell: Bryan's Story Bryan is battling sickle-cell disease but that hasn't stopped him from bouncing around like a ball of energy with a huge smile on his face. Click above to watch his story.

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  • Indianna G.

    Indianna G.

    Calling All Angels: Indianna's Story When 14-year-old Indianna Graves recalls her time at East Tennessee Children's Hospital, she doesn't focus on missing three weeks of summer vacation or multiple blood and ...

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  • Jordan Henegar's Story

    Jordan Henegar's Story

    Saving Jordan's Smile Since the moment Jordan Henegar was born, she's been full of life, smiling her way through every day with her trademark grin plastered across her face. She even serves as one of East Tennessee ...

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  • Sarah Holloway's Story

    Sarah Holloway's Story

    Sarah Holloway: Never Slowing Down On paper, Sarah Holloway appears to be an average recent college graduate: 23 years old, 3.8 GPA in microbiology, loves to read and tandem bike. She's beginning to learn how to rock ...

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  • Anna Martin's Story

    Anna Martin's Story

    Surviving Childhood Cancer: Anna's Story Anna Martin was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. After two years of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and lots of love and support from her family and physicians, Anna ...

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  • Averi Ramsey's Story

    Averi Ramsey's Story

    Averi Ramsey: Cancer Survivor Ten-year-old Averi Ramsey is an active fifth-grade girl. She loves to play basketball, soccer and softball. However, sports weren't always part of her daily life. Averi was 7 years old when ...

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