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It's About Children

It's About Children is a 6-times yearly publication introducing you to some of our more memorable patients and experiences. East Tennessee Children's Hospital has a special history with its children and each has a unique story to tell. We hope you enjoy learning from their courage and perseverance.

  • Issue 2 - October, 2019 - Thicker Than Blood
    Bryan is a Sickle Cell WarriorBryan has considered East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to be his second home since he was just six weeks old. But despite living with constant pain and having frequent blood transfusions, Bryan won’t let sickle cell anemia slow him down... (read more)
  • Issue 1 - August, 2019 - The Baer Necessities
    The Baer twinsLike most of the families in East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the Baers didn’t expect to find themselves on our doorstep. But when Kaite went into early labor, she and her husband soon found themselves at the beginning of one very difficult journey... (read more)