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Join Now and Help FLETCH Help Kids

Teddy bears and childhood just naturally go together.  Most adults have cherished childhood memories of their special bear.  More than stuffed animals; these bears had names, make-believe personalities and were ready for any childhood adventure.  They were a comfort at bedtime, a playmate when no one was around, a guest at a tea party, a source of security during a thunderstorm and more often than not - a best friend.

Now East Tennessee Children's Hospital is introducing a teddy bear that offers not only memories, but hope for every sick child in East Tennessee.  More than just a bear, FLETCH (Friends Love East Tennessee Children's Hospital) represents a club of caring supporters who believe in the mission of Children's Hospital.

You will receive one of these bears by joining the FLETCH Club.

As a FLETCH club member you can make a big impact.  You will provide much-needed funds for new and replacement state-of-the-art equipment that makes diagnoses quicker and treatments less painful for our patients.

Your gift of $18 a month guarantees that all children in East Tennessee will continue to receive expert pediatric care when they need it the most.  Just like your favorite teddy bear, when a child needs Children's Hospital, we're always there to help - thanks to donors like you.

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