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Pediatric Physiatry

Physiatry is the medical specialty also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation. A pediatric physiatrist is a physician who specializes in treating children with physical, cognitive and/or language impairments and helps patients reach their functional potential. Physiatrists collaborate with other pediatric physicians, rehabilitation therapists and family members to develop a unique treatment plan for each child. A physiatrist prescribes therapy, medication, orthotics, prosthetics, adaptive and assistive equipment and other services that help improve quality of life.

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Pediatric Physiatrist Dr. Nadine Trainer

Dr. Nadine Trainer

Pediatric physiatrist Dr. Nadine Trainer has more than 25 years of experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As Medical Director for Children's Hospital's rehabilitation services, she provides clinical oversight of outpatient, inpatient and Home Health rehab services.

Physiatry focuses on treating all aspects of a child’s development and establishing a treatment plan that incorporates physical, occupational and speech therapy goals. Patients often have a developmental disability, problems with fine or oral motor skills, or complaints of muscular pain or discomfort. Children today increasingly survive chronic and acute illnesses, leading to a growing population of children who need the unique elements of physiatry care.

Along with providing inpatient consultation, assessment and care planning services, Dr. Trainer manages a seating/wheelchair clinic, working with specialists in physical therapy and medical equipment to design individual plans for wheelchairs, bath chairs and other devices to improve independence and function.

Patricia Zetterberg, C-PNP, manages the Children’s Hospital developmental follow-up clinic, which monitors the health and development of children birth to 2 years old at high-risk for developmental delays.