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Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

East Tennessee Children's Hospital provides the area's most comprehensive, family-centered rehabilitation services to children. Children who may benefit from our rehabilitation services include those:

  • Recovering from an accident or injury
  • Born with developmental delays
  • With complex medical conditions

Pediatric rehabilitation is very different from adult rehabilitation because a child is constantly growing intellectually, physically and emotionally. A child's progress in one area affects the other aspects of development and well-being. Children from birth to age 21 benefit from our services tailored to their growth and changes.

Key aspects of pediatric rehabilitation include understanding:

  • How children learn and respond to therapy
  • How to encourage and motivate children
  • How to involve families as team members
  • How a child’s development affects progress

Our pediatric therapists are specially trained and experienced in their fields. They are skilled in handling the challenges of treating children at various stages of development. Child-size equipment, games and play activities are special tools for working with children.


Children's Hospital physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, nutritionists, psychologists and family members team with physicians to help children become more independent. We work together on goals and activities that carry over to a child's home and community.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Family participation is a critical part of each child's plan of care. Family members are partners of the treatment team. They help set goals, assess progress and carry out activities that support development. Families build competence and confidence to participate in their child's ongoing care.

Pediatric physiatrist Dr. Nadine Trainer is the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services.

Rehabilitation services are provided to inpatients at Children's Hospital and to outpatients at our Rehabilitation Center.

Ask your child's doctor about a referral for evaluation and treatment. Contact us at 865-690-8961 for more information.