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Employee Testimonials

Want to know about the people of Children's Hospital? Meet some of our staff and learn why they work at Children's Hospital.

Angela Koontz, RN

Operating Room
Angela Koontz“The operating room at Children’s Hospital is truly wonderful. My critical thinking skills are forever being put into motion here as we plan for our procedures, goals and needs. The team approach is of utmost importance in the operating room.

"So as a nurse, I never tire of hearing, ‘Good job,’ ‘Thanks for your help’ and ‘I am so glad you are in my room today."

"These are the reasons that I have been at Children’s for over 25 years. I have a feeling many times that I am a better nurse and a better person for working at Children's Hospital."

Scott Macfarland, Biomedical Technician

Scott Macfarland“I initially came to Children’s because I needed a place to work, but I had no idea I would love the hospital the way I do now. "

"The best thing about working in this hospital is knowing how rewarding working for children is. It is also wonderful that we are allowed to be professional. This means we are never asked to take shortcuts, and we are allowed the funds and the time to make sure that the job is done right. This is especially important because I repair pediatric medical equipment, and it is important to do the very best job possible."

“The administration is great here, too. They are really in touch with the employees, and they maintain a small company feel, no matter how large we get. The staff here truly has the patients’ best interests at heart, and we all work together in every way to help the patients.”

Kristin Wells, Child Life Specialist

Child Life

Kristin Wells

“I like being able to do whatever I can to help patients and families cope, learn, reduce stress and just make the hospital environment a little more bearable. When doing this, it is good to know that throughout the hospital I have so many people on my team (different disciplines and departments) that help me do my job. You have a lot of people to lean on for support whenever you need it.

“In my own department, my director and colleagues in Child Life are so supportive. We all work very well together with different strengths and ideas, and we always are helping each other learn new things."

“Whether the patients I work with are short term or chronically ill, the most rewarding part of my job is to make a difference in their hospital stay. There are certain patients I have seen many times over the past years. I have seem them grow, learn and adapt to living with their conditions, and I have the honor of knowing that they value my role, the things I do, and consider me an important part of their experience at Children’s Hospital.”

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