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Employee Benefits at Children's Hospital

Employees of Children's Hospital enjoy a variety of outstanding benefits, including competitive salary and wages, health and dental insurance, tuition reimbursement and many other benefits. Join our team of medical professionals today.

Benefits Option Plan
Who Pays Who is Eligible** When Eligible What Employees Receive
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Medical Insurance
(Network P)
PT (higher cost)
Beginning of next month if hired by 25th $30 Co-payment for primary care; $40 Co-payment for specialist . Non-network, $300 deductible and 60-40% coinsurance. Employee, Employee + Child/Children, Employee + Spouse, and Family coverage available. Premiums pre-tax.
BCBS Dental Insurance ETCH & You FT
PT (higher cost)
After 3 mos. 100% coverage for preventive. 50% coverage for orthodontic services ($1000 max/lifetime). 80% coverage for basic services & 50% coverage for major services after $75 individual deductible or $150 family deductible in & out-of-network. Single coverage free to FT employees. Premiums pre-tax.
AIG Life Insurance Critical Illness Insurance You FT/PT At Annual Enrollment Lump sum for first diagnosis, additional diagnosis & reoccurrence benefits. Covers broad range of conditions ie: heart attack, stroke & kidney failure. Can cover spouse/children on the same plan. Premiums post-tax.
Superior Vision Insurance You FT/PT After 3 mos. Small co-payment to receive exam and materials from network providers. Allowances for out of network providers. Premiums pre-tax
The Hartford Term Life Insurance ETCH FT After 3 mos. Free basic life insurance - 1 ½ annual salary to maximum of $500,000. Additional coverage also available
ING Whole Life Insurance You FT At Annual Enrollment Traditional life insurance product that offers certain guarantees with lasting protection. The guarantees include fixed level premiums, death benefits, and cash values. Premiums post-tax.
Disability Insurance ETCH FT After 6 mos. Long-term disability benefits (60% of salary after 6 months of total disability).
Flexible Spending Accounts You FT/PT At Annual Enrollment Special accounts to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay health care and/or dependent care expenses.
Medical Waiver Option ETCH FT After 3 months Must be covered under another group health plan. After 90 days, ETCH will pay for premiums for voluntary benefits. At Annual Enrollment, you would receive $1440 annually to pay for voluntary benefits and the remainder would go into a flex spending account if hired prior to Feb. 1st of current year.
Other Benefits:
Credit Union You FT/PT At Once Savings and loan resource.

Central Services


Hospital Care
ETCH & You All At Once Discount on purchases and services.
In-service ETCH All At Once On-the-Job training and continuing education available on a regular basis.
Assistance ETCH FT/PT After 6 mos. Full-time: 18 Semester hrs/yr, Part-time: 9 Semester hrs/yr.
Health Services ETCH & You All At Once Physical at time of employment, Flu shots, TB assessment, tetanus boosters, vaccines, as appropriate. Physician referrals
Funeral ETCH FT
At Once Up to 3 days (24 hours max) for immediate family.
One day (8hrs max) for immediate family
Paid Time Off ETCH FT/PT-prorated After 3 mos. See employee handbook for individual accruals.
Sick ETCH FT/PT-prorated After 3 mos. See employee handbook for individual accruals.
Jury Duty ETCH All At Once Pay at regular rate for time missed.
Employee Parking ETCH FT/PT At Once Employee parking garage, free with hang tag and access card
403(b) ETCH & You FT/PT At Once Federal tax savings at time of deduction, through both fixed and variable mutual fund options, with payments made at retirement. Up to 4% employee contributions matched 50% by employer after one year of employment.
Pension Plan ETCH 1,000 hrs/yr
21 years of age
After 1 year Defined contribution retirement income. Employer matching contributions included.

**Full time: 60 or more authorized hours per pay period, Part time: 30 to 59 authorized hours per pay period, PRN: occasional as needed. In addition to those benefits required by law: worker's comp.(paid by ETCH), unemployment comp. (paid by ETCH), and soc. sec. (paid by ETCH and the Employee).

Revised: 3/06, 10/06, 3/07, 3/08, 3/09, 3/10, 3/11

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