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Pediatric Expert Tips: Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies Dr. Katy Stordahl

Dr. Katy Stordahl, Children's Hospital ER Physician, discusses dental emergencies on WATE's "Caring For Our Kids" weekly news segment. Watch this video for more information about Pediatric Dental Emergency, including what to do in the following situations:

  • knocked out tooth (Find tooth, if permanent- hold tooth by crown..not root, clean tooth, try to put back in socket right away & hold in place, or store tooth in cold milk- not water, get to dentist or ER right away)
  • cracked tooth (rinse mouth with water to clean area, put cold compresses on face to keep down swelling, see child's dentist ASAP)
  • child bites tongue or lip (clean area, apply cold compress, if injury seems serious or bleeding won't stop- take child to ER)
  • broken jaw (apply cold compress, hold jaw in place, take to ER ASAP)
  • dental abscess (infection in tooth or gums, noticeable by swollen sack of pus, caused by bacteria, must be treated ASAP)

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