- Board of Directors & Children's Hospital Administration
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East Tennessee Children's Hospital Board of Directors

Dee Haslam (Chairman)
Larry B. Martin (Vice Chairman)
Steven D. Harb (Secretary/Treasurer)
John Q. Buchheit, M.D.
Cathy Ackermann
Scott W. Brice, M.D.
Gordon Mark Cramolini, M.D.
Randall L. Gibson
Keith D. Goodwin
Lewis W. Harris, M.D.
Gale Huneycutt, Jr.
A. David Martin
Christopher A. Miller, M.D.
David A. Nickels, M.D.
Roger Osborne
Laura Palenkas
Stephen A. South
Andrea Anne White

Medical Staff

Mark Cramolini, M.D. (Chief of Staff)
Barbara Summers, M.D. (Vice Chief of Staff)
Cameron Sears, M. D. (Secretary)

Chiefs of Services

Kevin Brinkmann, M. D. (Chief of Medicine)
Glaze Vaughan, M.D. (Chief of Surgery)


Keith Goodwin (President/CEO)
Bruce Anderson (Vice President for Legal Services & General Counsel)
Laura Barnes, R.N., M.S.N., C.N.A.A.,B.C. (Vice President for Patient Care)
Joe Childs, M.D. (Vice President for Medical Services)
Zane Goodrich, CPA (Vice President for Finance & CFO)
Carlton M. Long (Vice President for Development and Community Services)
Rudy McKinley (Vice President for Operations)
Sue Wilburn (Vice President for Human Resources)