Pass on Pain

Pass on Pain

2018 Clinch Avenue
North Tower

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PASS is the pediatric sedation service which cares for the "PAIN" of children at

East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee.

PASS represents not only our company (Pediatric Analgesia & Sedation

Specialists, PLLC) but also our primary mission--


Access to



PAIN represents what our service provides for:

P = Pain - minimizing the pain of those painful procedures.

A = Anxiety - lessening the anxiety involved with any procedure.

I = Immobility - keeping children still during tests such as MRI.

N = Napping - enabling a child to sleep for tests like eeg's

So when you put it all together, PASS is a dedicated service that utilizes the

most current sedation techniques to help ease the "PAIN" of children

undergoing procedures at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital (ETCH).

This service is made up of specialized physicians and nurses. Sedation physicians

are provided by PASS, PLLC. Nurses, specifically skilled and trained to work

with pediatric sedation are provided by East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Each child is assessed based on his/her individual medical needs and the planned

procedure. Infants and children require sedation and pain control for procedures

that older patients may tolerate without sedation. For example, a medical specialist

can’t ask or expect a 2-year-old to remain still for a 45-minute MRI. A teenager

may be able to sit still but may be too anxious to have a spinal tap without medication.

Each of these patients can benefit from the PASS service.